palmistry newAre you excited to know about what your palm says about your future? We can assist you to read your palm.

Lets start with brief introduction

Palmistry is the art and science of reading palms. The lines on our palm, shape of hand and fingers as well as mountains on palm have the power to reveal a lot about your personality nature and” Future” too

Reading the palm lines is not as easy as it seems to be. It needs proper knowledge of palmistry.

1. Hand:
Choose the proper hand: Some considers working hand as the main hand to look for palm reading but some considers non working hand as the main hand as it shows the entire possessions person born with.

2. Lines:
Palm is divided among different lines and planets
Three major palm lines are HEART LINE, HEAD LINE, LIFE LINE other than these some other lines are also important like fate line girdles of Venus and mercury line

3. Mounts: They are the of Jupiter, Mercury, Apollo, Saturn, Venus, Mars and Moon.
The characteristics of lines are also associated with the features of the ruling planets and the mounts located close to them.

Life line: It starts from the side of the palm in between the thumb and index finger but terminates near the wrist.
It gives manifestations, about your state and condition of health and physical formation.

Head Line: The head line starts from the side of the palm in between the thumb and index finger, and then runs full across the palm somewhere above the life line.

The length (short or long) of the line indicates a person’s intelligence, mental capacity and strength.

Heart line: The heart line generally starts near the Mount of Jupiter or the Mount of Saturn,

The heart line not only indicates towards the strength or weakness of the heart but it also shows the nature character and the affections as well.


Note: The more clear dark and smooth head heart and head lines are they more indicates towards the strong mind, good life and loving nature of the person and the rest all the chained broken wavy line show problem in that particular phase of life of that person

Mounts: These are similar to planets

They are also known as bumps on hand, they may be developed, over developed or suppressed.

These mounts are important because they influence the major and minor line on the palm.

A person having fully developed mounts on palm have all the qualities of that mount. But a over developed mount indicates towards the over aggression and domination of that mount on person’s life and a suppressed mount indicates the absence of certain traits and qualities of that mount.