Numerology as the name suggests is the ancient scientific way to study numbers and deciphers the personal characteristics of each individual who is born under respective numbers i.e., 1-9. Though in general there can be 1-31 days in any given calendar month, hence it is very important to learn that how do we calculate the ‘Mulank’ or the sum number of day of the month which an individual is born in.  For most of the numerology studies a ‘Mulank’ is generally considered as a reference while describing personality or characteristics of any individual; however in Indian references, a ‘Namank’ or the sum number derived from a person’s name can also be considered.

The objective behind using the sum number of birth date or name helps in identifying the general basic character, nature and the overall personality of a person. When you meet a new person and read about their traits with reference to his‘Mulank’, you would be amazed to notice how this science is so accurate?

Numerology, as we always suggest is anage’s long scientifically planned method. The goal of this science in relevance to astrology would be to study about the positive and negative qualitiesany individual may have or in future as this science predicts. It may thus only help as a guide for improving the good traits and also correcting the bad traits which are predicted here.

To calculate ‘Mulank’, one needs to add each number of one’s complete date of birth. For example if a person is born on 7th July 1975. Then his‘Mulank’ would be a sum of the date of birth, i.e., 7 in this case. If a person is born on the 27th day of any month then his ‘Mulank’ would be 2+7=9. Let us now dig deeper and understand what each of the numbers actually tell us about a person while referring to their ‘Mulank’.