The early science of Numbers recognized as numerology birth date, as the name implies, places find faith in various numerical designs. As every number is said to produce a personal tremor, people with special Birth numbers share special characteristics. Here, the main question is ‘how to decide’ ones number. The most significant number in Numerology is day of the month on which a person is born (Mulank) and number taken from your name (Namank).

The number find outs your basic nature, your character, personality and uniqueness. Have you ever wondered what makes one person shy and the other an assertive person? Numerology answers everything with the help of vibration of special numbers.

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The sense of normal Numbers in Numerology:

oneNumber One

Number one is considered as a leader. The number one shows the ability to stand unaccompanied, and is a strong vibration. The number is directly ruled by the Sun.

Characteristics: self-sufficient, creative, original, determined, determined, and self-assured. If expressed pessimistically: arrogant, inflexible, impatient, and self-centered.


twoNumber Two

The person born on number two is known as a mediator and peace-lover. The number two signs the wish for harmony. It is a calm, thoughtful, and sensitive vibration. The number is directly ruled by the Moon.


Characteristics: subtle, warm, passive, sensitive. If showed negatively: too reliant, calculating and passive-aggressive.



Number Three

Number Three is a friendly, friendly, and sociable vibration. Kind, positive, and positive, Three’s take pleasure in life and have a good sense of comedy. The number is directly ruled by Jupiter.

Characteristics: jovial, responsive, positive, daring and self-expressive. If showed negatively: wasteful, scattered, and superficial.


fourNumber Four

A numerology prediction says that number four is the worker. Practical, with a love of information, Fours are reliable, hard-working, and helpful. The number is directly ruled by Uranus.

Characteristics: reliable, supportive, steady, reasonable, self-disciplined, analytical. If shown negatively: contrary, obstinate and narrow.


fiveNumber Five

Check numerology calculator online to find the numerology predication of number five. The person is freedom lover. The number five is a thinker vibration. These are “thought” people with a love of diversity and the ability to become accustomed to most conditions. The number is ruled by Mercury.

Characteristics: freedom-lover, adaptable, loving, resourceful, witty, joyful, curious, flexible, helpful. If showed negatively, non-committal, careless and inconsistent.


sixNumber Six

If you need to know you’re lucky number astrology, check out the calculator online. The person having number six is a peace lover, loving and stable.  The number is ruled by Venus.

Characteristics: concerned, stable, family-loving, reliable, domesticated. Showed negatively, shallow, jealous, possessive and unwilling to modify.


sevenNumber Seven

The person having number six is the deep thinker. The number seven is a religious vibration. These people are not extremely attached to materialistic life, are thoughtful, and normally quiet. The number is ruled by Neptune.

Characteristics: unusual, thoughtful, intuitive, psychic, clever and reserved. If showed negatively: sad, odd, leaves too much to ability, hard to achieve.


eightNumber Eight

The person having number is the manager. Number Eight is a strong, prosperous, and material vibration. The number is ruled by Saturn.

Characteristics: Ambitious, business-minded, sensible, leading, authoritative, accomplished, flourishing, courageous, organized.  If expressed negatively: tense, narrow, materialistic, and forceful.


nineNumber Nine

The person having number is the teacher. Number Nine is an open-minded, somewhat impossible, and sympathetic throb. The number is ruled by Mars.

Characteristics: jack of all trades, sympathetic, humanitarian, supportive, moving, tolerant, lively, determined. If showed negatively: monetarily careless, changeable, bullying, excessively emotional, sullen and restless.