We explained to you about important traits of people born with ‘life path’ numbers or ‘Mulank’ numbers 1 to 8. Now we will learn about the most important and most powerful number of the set – ‘Mulank’ number 9. This is the most significant number of numerology system and comprises all the numbers from 1 to 8 in it. In characteristics ‘Mulank’ number 9 resembles ‘Mulank’ number 6. People with ‘Mulank’ number 9 are highly imaginative and creative.


People with number 9 ‘Mulank’

People born on the dates 9, 18 and 27 are said to have a ‘Mulank’ number 9. These represent equal love to the world and mankind. They are least judgmental and see everyone with an equal eye. They are religious people with kind and humble nature. They have a strong bonding with their family and home and always find time to enjoy with them.

They may be misjudged for their slight arrogance and may appear like a mystery tail which keeps unveiling new perspectives and characteristics. People with ‘Mulank’ number 9 are prone to health diseases since a very young age and hence they always need to take good care of their health throughout their life.


Ruling planet: Mars

Lucky Days: Tuesday

Lucky colour: Red and pink

Lucky Gemstones: Red coral

Good Match: People with ‘Mulank’ number 9.


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