Different ‘Mulank’ numbers define different characteristics. Let’s now learn about ‘Mulank’ number 8 which is governed by ‘Shani’ (Saturn). A person born with ‘Mulank’ number 8 is confident, leads a life of constant changes and has a no-nonsense attitude.

People with number 8 ‘Mulank’

People born on the dates 8, 17 and 26 are considered to have ‘Mulank’ number 8. Number 8 people represent balance in nature, patience and self discipline. They are high risk takers and may surprise people with their innovative thinking ability. Some people will claim to not have understood them. They are goal oriented people and would complete a task alone rather than depending and asking for help.

Having an influence of their ruling planet Saturn which symbolizes justice and equality, people with ‘Mulank’ number 8 are just like that. They may be comforting like a cool air breeze or destructing like a tornado. They always strive to achieve honor and recognition for the works they do.  In life they have to work really hard to accomplish anything unlike other people with different ‘Mulank’.


Ruling planet: Saturn

Lucky Days: Saturday

Lucky colour: Blue, purple, gray and black.

Lucky Gemstones: Blue sapphire, Amethist

Good Match: People with ‘Mulank’ number 8

Good Luck Tip: Keep something which is black in color along with you always, this will help in keeping away problems.


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