All ‘life path’ numbers or ‘Mulank’ numbers have a few similarities and dissimilarities. ‘Mulank’ number 7 resembles few qualities with ‘Mulank’ number 5. People with ‘Mulank’ number 7 are highly imaginative and live in their dream world.

People with number 7 ‘Mulank’

Individuals born on dates 7, 16 and 25 are considered to have a ‘Mulank’ number 7. Number 7 individuals represent high level of spiritualism and sensitivity. They stay grounded and are compassionate and try to forgive easily. They very easily gauge though people and identify if they are dishonest or good character. They are very spiritual people and have strong place and time for religious tours and activities. They take their life experiences and sixth sense as a guiding source while taking decisions and refrain from taking suggestions from other people.

‘Mulank’ Number 7 individuals have a good luck and their company also proves lucky for the people who associate with them. They have fewer friends and the ones they have are their friend for lifetime. They are very frank and outspoken. They should control their impulsiveness and should think wisely before they take any important decision as these may cause distress in their life.


Ruling planet: Neptune

Lucky Days: Monday

Lucky colour: Light blue color, this will help promote positive energies.

Lucky Gemstones: Cat’s Eye

Good Match: People with ‘Mulank’ number 1


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