After reading about people with ‘Mulank’ number 1, 2 and 3 let us now discover traits which describe a person with ‘Mulank’ number 4. Unlike the earlier set, ‘Mulank’ number 4 people are who are neither creative nor artistic, but are hard working and worship their work.

People with number 4 ‘Mulank’

People born on the dates 4, 13, 22 and 31 are considered to have ‘Mulank’ number 4. These people are less creative, un-social and live an under-toned and boring lifestyle. They have an unpredictable personality as they could be angry in one instance and in the other moment they would be totally calm and composed. They do not have the ability to take strong decisions due to their fickle mind.

‘Mulank’ number 4 people are born good managers, they are focused and determined in their work capacities and also prove to be very good at handling money matters. It is advised that to earn good name they need to become courageous and stay confident about what they choose in life. They also need to work on becoming sensitive towards other people.

Ruling planet: Uranus

Lucky Days: Sunday

Lucky colour: Khaki, gray and blue

Lucky Gemstones: Topaz, amethyst, and cat`s eye

Good Match: People with ‘Mulank’ number 4.

If you are born with a ‘Mulank’ number 4 and are interested to know more about how you can improve you live with a deeper analysis of your birth date, then you should consult guidance of our Numerology Specialist.