In contrast to ‘Mulank’ number 1 individual who are strong headed, people born with ‘Mulank’ number 2 are not that strong headed and hence often fall in traps of false situations. They have a soft nature and love natural surroundings and find happiness in little things in life.

People with number 2 ‘Mulank’

Individuals born on dates 2, 11, 20 and 29 are known to have a ‘Mulank’ number 2. Such individuals represent flexibility and diplomacy. They are highly imaginative with strong mind than physical built. Often the rebel however, contrastingly they have a soft heart and cannot say no to people they are close to. This is the reason their peers always love them and become friends with ‘Mulank’ number 2 people easily.

They are very prim and proper in conduct and prefer to keep things neat and tidy around them. In a way, they are respectful for things and everyone around them and hence they care much for others feelings. They are highly intuitive, love to stay on their own and are keen observers, it is this reason why they also can read other people minds.

Ruling planet: Moon

Lucky Days: Monday

Lucky colour: Light green will help in increasing mental power. They should avoid purple, blue and black.

Lucky Gemstones: Pearl, diamond, moonstone and agate.

Good Match: Individuals with ‘Mulank’ number 2.

Lucky Tip: ‘Mulank’ number 2 people should live nearer to any water bodies like rivers, lakes or sea to keep constant luck flow in their lives.

If you are born with a ‘Mulank’ number 2 and are interested to know more about how you can improve you live with a deeper analysis of your birth date, then you should consult guidance of our Numerology Specialist.