Number 1 holds a very significant place in the numerological system as it is a base number and all other numbers are added up on this one number. It would not be difficult to say here, that number 1 person gels easily with even and odd number individuals, which is a rare scenario with other numbers in the numerological system.

People with number 1 ‘Mulank’

Individuals who were born on dates 1, 10, 19 and 28 are considered to have number 1 ‘Mulank’. ‘Mulank’ numbers 1 people represent great focus towards their goals and hence are great achievers. They are born leaders and communicators, with their warm personality they don’t take much time in gelling with new people and often are life of every gathering. They are often admired for their creative thinking; great taste and great mannerism. Physically, they have an attractive personality and grab attention easily.

They have a sense of justice and do not take nuisance easily; if not at fault they confront the situation, and overcome their inhibitions. ‘Mulank’ number 1 people are great lovers and if hurt or in enmity, they teach the other person a lesson without mercy.

Ruling planet: Sun

Lucky Days: Sunday

Lucky colour: Yellow and Golden-yellow

Good Match: Individuals with ‘Mulank’ 1, 4 & 7

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