Name, is not just a word.It itself say a lot, It is very strong as it designates the identity of an individual, it represents him/her. People often choose name for their baby randomly without knowing the impact in upcoming life of the baby. According to Astrological and numerological evidences and research one’sname influences his/her life events in negative and positive ways. It plays a significant role in how our attitude would be, decision making power, how will we get success and will luck work for us or not, choosing the right name can prosper one’s life with positive energy ,success and happiness. Astrology in this regard helps us in choosing the right one. There are some important point should be kept in mind while choosing the name:

  1.  Avoid names which start with negative things for exampleMandana whose starting pronunciation is “mand” which means slow; it definitely hinders that person growth. There are many other words like this which should be avoided
  2. The sum total of name should not be any unlucky number.
  3.  The name should be according to sun sign / moon sign
  4. Name should not be combination of two words because astrologers believe that one word name like Ram Ganesha give full power to individual.

Choosing a name for a child is complicated. Not only should it sound right with the family name but future nicknames – good and bad – need to be taken into consideration as person’s personality can always be associated with his/her name; so try to give a perfect name to your child.
Consult a good astrologers to choose a perfect name here.