Marriage is the union of two souls. This ritual is prevailing from ancient days, Not only in a particular region or country but this ceremony is celebrated in each and every part of the world. At least in India, marriage is well-considered as a mandatory and essential way to a happy life.

Delay/Problem in marriage form grounds for worries.
According to the astrological judgments, there are some star defects that create obstruction in the festivity of the marriage.
Seventh house is considered as the house of marriage and life partner. Presence of bad planets in this house may root to either late marriage or reduce post marriage love and compatibility.
There are numerous causes which can create hurdles or can be reason for problematic married life.

  • The Placement of Sun and Moon in the sign and constellation of Saturn is the main cause of delay in marriage.
  • If the Saturn and ‘Mars’ along with ‘Venus’ is placed in the 7th position of moon, yet again the delay is caused.
  • Delay also occurs when the rahu is present in the 7th position on the pap grah drishti.
  • Astrologers say that if in a kundli ruler of the seventh house takes position in fifth or ninth house then his/her married life may not be a good one, causes clashes resulting in quarrel between the couple.
  • Weak planetary position of Mars and Venus in the same house of a person’s kundli brings storms and complications in his married life.
  • Malefic planets like Saturn and Rahu are not weighed as good in the seventh house as they raise the possibility of getting re-married.
  • Placement of Venus in the fourth house of one’s kundli also makes the married life problematic.

Other reasons may be

Mangal dosha: This is the most common reason now days for the reason of delays in marriage. It is considered that person having mangal dosha in kundli should marry only the person who has same kind of mangal dosha in his / her kundli.

Some other reasons are Kal sarpa dosh ,Grahan yog ,Vish dosha, pitra doshas etc.

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