horoscope bannerHoroscope deals with the interpretation of an individual’s natal chart. The natal chart is built from the Earth’s two distinct movements. Birth chart is calculated according to the exact time of birth. The Chart is basically a diagram of the heavens, showing the relative position of planets and the signs of the zodiac. It is used especially to predict events in a person’s life as at the moment of a person’s birth.

It all works out as if all the human features were represented within the whole twelve signs. Each sign reflects an independent and strong typology, complementary to the other signs, expressing by itself its nature and its personality with its characteristics, its tendencies and its motivations.

The angles in your birth chart bring your horoscope to life. If you’ve ever seen a birth chart, you would have noticed that all of the planets are scattered inside of a circle that’s divided into 12 pie slices.


The numbers showing the houses:
Within the circle of the horoscope there are four all-important points that define a birth chart in a most special way. They are the “cusp” (or beginning) of the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses. These points are known as the “angles,” and they have particular significance because they represent physical points of energy manifestation. The angles in an Astrology birth chart are where your horoscope comes alive; where you meet and interact with the outside world.

  • First House (Ascendant – East Angle)
  • Tenth House (Midheaven or M.C. – North Angle)
  • Seventh House (Descendant – West Angle)
  • Fourth House (ImumCoeli or I.C. – South Angle

These are the main houses in person’s life
First house signifies a person’s personality.
Fourth house signifies a person’s home, security, family.
Seventh House signifies partnerships and marriage.
Tenth house signifies refers to our careers, vocations, creative output.
There are also other houses which we describe later.
To know more about these houses please contact our astrologers.