There is nothing valuable in our life rather than being healthy.  A person with bad health cannot enjoy the pleasures of life

Eating healthy food, exercising daily etc are the keys of being healthy but this is not all.

Despite of following healthy lifestyles we all fall ill. It is fate.

How amazing it would be if we could know in advance what can happen to us in future, so that we can take preventive measures to stop its damages?

This may be not true in other cases but definitely regarding health we could diagnose disease before it actually bang us. This can be possible through medicinal astrology.

Over many centuries of meticulous observation by the ancient astrologers the correlation between the signs, planets, houses, and diseases was established. Modern astrologers continue this research today.

Now, it is possible through Astrology to detect a disease well before its actual develops in the body


Astrology consists of 12 houses. Each and every house controls different modes of human life including health too


1st house : Head and overall health 7th house : Rectum, Uterus, Pelvic Area
2nd house : Mouth Tongue, Neck; Teeth 8th house : Genitals (sexual organs)
3rd house : Hands, Ears, Arms, Shoulders and Upper Lungs 9th house : Thighs and Hips
4th house : Chest, Lungs and Heart 10th house : Knees
5th house : Stomach, Upper Digestive Tract 11th house : Lower Legs, Nerves, Right side organs
6th house : Intestines (and disease in general) 12th house : Feet and Eyes


To know exact and more detailed knowledge of your health issues please ask our astrologers.